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Estate Planning

Wealth preservation for families is more important than ever.

Understanding what your options are ensure you can leave as much of your estate to those you love.

When you speak with our financial advisers we’ll help you to prepare for what happens to your assets when you are older, and when you’re no longer here.

When you add everything up, your estate may be larger than you think.


We will look at your current situation and your financial objectives to understand your estate and what that would mean to you and your family.


We will recommend solutions to help simplify your estate that helps to achieve your wealth preservation objectives. We’ll also suggest the best ways for you to pass on your wealth to your family and loved ones.


We will source the right product for you to help achieve your estate planning goals.


The political landscape and changing governments can lead to some quite seismic shifts for estate planning so it is vital we review your plan regularly. This ensures any changes impacting any individual are amended and managed to take advantage of the situation as they arise.

"My investments are looked after by caring and expert people"

Eames Laurie has looked after my financial matters for many years. I am more than happy with the advice and help I continue to receive.

The advice I receive is explained fully and I am able to contact Chris Fox whenever I have a problem. I feel very relaxed and contented to know that my investments are looked after by caring and expert people. I am extremely happy with the service I receive and have no hesitation in recommending Eames Laurie for all financial matters.

"Thorough, courteous and effective."

My wife and I have been using the services of Eames Laurie for over 18 months. 

During that time, the team, (particularly Klaudyna for mortgages and Lorna for pensions) have been very thorough, courteous and effective in their dealings. They have provided me with various options to consider for each product type with clear explanations to support their advice and recommendations.

I have already recommended the team at Eames Laurie to various family members, friends and work colleagues and will continue to do so.

R Malkani, Stanmore (05/05/22)

"Safeguarding the value of my investments"

I am fortunate to have considerable savings after the sale of a large family home. My plans have never been fixed, with various possible ways to use the money.

James (Jim) Morgan from Eames Laurie has listened patiently during many visits, in conversations ranging over ethical investments, my family matters, further house moves, contingency plans, and general topics of wealth, well-being, and personal values. All the time he has kept a clear eye on safeguarding the value of my investments, including far-sighted steps to reduce inheritance tax, acting as my trusted financial adviser and with the resources of Eames Laurie behind him.

P Grant, Retired, Hungerford (17/05/22)

"Great communication, really quick response time and a pleasure to deal with"

A huge thank you to the team at Eames Laurie for all their hard work sourcing me a great deal on my mortgage so quickly. My circumstances meant that it was a slightly rockier road than their regular customers, even still, they were there every step of the way with some great advice on how to navigate smoothly through these issues.

Great communication, really quick response time and a pleasure to deal with, above & beyond, 5 stars from me.

G Hargreaves, Artificer Sergeant Major, British Army (05/04/22)

"Always helpful and very friendly"

I have a very good working relationship and now friendship with Jim, and have done since 2007. His advice and guidance over the years have been perfect and I have recommended him to various people. I have my pension and investments (plus Company investments), and my Mothers investments with him, and we are both very happy.

The staff at Eames Laurie I have dealt with have always been helpful and very friendly. 

M Sharpe, East Sussex (13/05/22)

Estate planning usually involves giving away or spending money

You may want your money to be used in a specific way or you may just want to make sure that it stays within your family when you're no longer here. 

Whatever assets or wealth you have accumulated in life, you will have your own personal plans for how your legacy is shared with those you care about. Keeping your plans up to date with the current inheritance tax regulation is important and the sooner you have a plan in place, the more options you’ll have for passing on your wealth efficiently. 

Working with our advisers we can help you to understand what’s involved in estate planning – as well as the implications of any decisions you make, so that your wealth is passed on in line with your wishes.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is one of the most complex areas of financial planning and the rules change frequently. IHT is a tax on the assets that belong to you when you die. Assets include the total of everything owned by you and a share of anything owned jointly. Here are the most common assets:

  • Personal property
  • Real estate and land
  • Shares
  • Cash
  • Future inheritance

Some assets are exempt from IHT or are at least eligible for a reduced rate. They include certain types of businesses, agricultural and woodland property, and heritage assets (a building, land, or objects of national scientific, historic or artistic importance).

We will advise on investment products that help manage your inheritance tax position effectively whilst you retain the use and control of the capital.

Passing on your wealth

HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen.

Will writing is not part of the 2plan wealth management Ltd offering and is offered in our own right. 2plan wealth management Ltd accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business.

Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate will writing, tax planning and trusts.


For the tax year 2023/2024, the nil-rate band is £325,000 (£650,000 jointly).


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Passing on your wealth 

We'll make sure it's preserved for those you love. 

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