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People spend more on their pet, car and home insurance than they do protecting their income, lifestyle and life.

If you have a mortgage, people who depend on your income, or you want to protect your lifestyle in the event of illness, there is a solution available that could help you and your family avoid running into financial difficulties.

Helping you to understand the value of protecting yourself and your family against life’s challenges.


We will look at your current protection and identify any gaps you may have in protecting yourself and loved ones.


We will recommend alternative products which provide better protection, and compare the costs of putting these improved protections in place.


We will source you the most comprehensive protection at a cost that you are happy to pay and maintain.


We regularly review your protection to see if we can improve what you have or even reduce the cost of what you have.

"Considerable care and compassion"

I am totally satisfied with the service that I've received over the past two years from Eames Laurie. It has been a particularly difficult time for me, because a few months before, my wife had suddenly passed away. We both had financial investments with Eames Laurie.

I am very pleased to have Sarah Hall as my Financial Advisor. She always explains clearly, the financial advice that she offers. Furthermore, she has dealt with my situation with considerable care and compassion.

J Davies, Moray (09/05/22)

"Clear advice given in a timely manner"

I have used Eames Laurie for a number of years for a range of financial matters, most recently to financially plan for moving home and to source a mortgage.

As always, the service was client-focused with clear advice given in a timely manner. Liza worked with us throughout the process from setting a budget to sourcing a mortgage, a conveyancing company and suitable life and home insurance. This relieved a lot of the stress commonly associated with a home move. I highly recommend the service for all personal financial planning needs.

C Potts, Hampshire (12/05/22)

"My investments are looked after by caring and expert people"

Eames Laurie has looked after my financial matters for many years. I am more than happy with the advice and help I continue to receive.

The advice I receive is explained fully and I am able to contact Chris Fox whenever I have a problem. I feel very relaxed and contented to know that my investments are looked after by caring and expert people. I am extremely happy with the service I receive and have no hesitation in recommending Eames Laurie for all financial matters.

"Always helpful and very friendly"

I have a very good working relationship and now friendship with Jim, and have done since 2007. His advice and guidance over the years have been perfect and I have recommended him to various people. I have my pension and investments (plus Company investments), and my Mothers investments with him, and we are both very happy.

The staff at Eames Laurie I have dealt with have always been helpful and very friendly. 

M Sharpe, East Sussex (13/05/22)

"Great communication, really quick response time and a pleasure to deal with"

A huge thank you to the team at Eames Laurie for all their hard work sourcing me a great deal on my mortgage so quickly. My circumstances meant that it was a slightly rockier road than their regular customers, even still, they were there every step of the way with some great advice on how to navigate smoothly through these issues.

Great communication, really quick response time and a pleasure to deal with, above & beyond, 5 stars from me.

G Hargreaves, Artificer Sergeant Major, British Army (05/04/22)

In life, circumstances change

Unexpected challenges happen that have dramatic impact on the way we live our lives.  That’s why it's so important that you and your family have comprehensive plans in place.

Nobody likes to imagine the worst happening, but sometimes the difficult questions need to be considered. If you were to die, would your loved ones be able to maintain their current lifestyle without your income? If not, then a lump sum life assurance payment could be the answer, helping your family to continue living in the way they’re accustomed to at a very difficult time.

Eames Laurie can help provide a comprehensive review of your current insurance policies and make sure you’ve got the cover in place at a price you can afford.

What would you do if your family faced a situation where you lost a regular income?

A protection policy could help to pay off your mortgage, maintain you or your family’s lifestyle, pay for childcare, cover school or university fees and pay for specialist nursing support.

450+ clients around the UK

We have life-long relationships with over 450 clients around the UK.


What cover do you need and how much will it cost?

You may already have life and protection insurance in place, but it’s always worth reviewing your policies to ensure the type and amount of cover provided still matches your personal circumstances. Eames Laurie can quickly help you calculate an appropriate level of cover by considering things like:

  • Your mortgage and/or any other outstanding loans
  • Your current income
  • Any likely childcare needs if you or your partner were to die or suffer serious illness or injury

The higher the level of cover you decide you need, the more it will cost. Your age, medical history and occupation are among the other factors that will also have an effect.

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