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Later Life

Later life planning is more important than ever.

There are so many different care choices within the NHS, and private care can be very expensive.

At Eames Laurie we can help you to manage your finances, should you be required to pay for your care later in your life.


We will explain what your options are and help you understand how quickly fees can increase and erode your life-long savings. We can help you to find tax-efficient ways of capping costs which could include care fee annuity products.


We can help you find a way to fund long-term care that is suitable for your needs. Care that is affordable now and in the future, and works with your financial goals.


We will implement our recommendations and make sure your finances are used in accordance with your instruction.


On-going reviews of your later life products are vital to make sure they are still suitable and where possible, help to avoid you running out of money should you need long-term care.

"Safeguarding the value of my investments"

I am fortunate to have considerable savings after the sale of a large family home. My plans have never been fixed, with various possible ways to use the money.

James (Jim) Morgan from Eames Laurie has listened patiently during many visits, in conversations ranging over ethical investments, my family matters, further house moves, contingency plans, and general topics of wealth, well-being, and personal values. All the time he has kept a clear eye on safeguarding the value of my investments, including far-sighted steps to reduce inheritance tax, acting as my trusted financial adviser and with the resources of Eames Laurie behind him.

P Grant, Retired, Hungerford

"Considerable care and compassion"

I am totally satisfied with the service that I've received over the past two years from Eames Laurie. It has been a particularly difficult time for me, because a few months before, my wife had suddenly passed away. We both had financial investments with Eames Laurie.

I am very pleased to have Sarah Hall as my Financial Advisor. She always explains clearly, the financial advice that she offers. Furthermore, she has dealt with my situation with considerable care and compassion.

J Davies, Moray

"Always helpful and very friendly"

I have a very good working relationship and now friendship with Jim, and have done since 2007. His advice and guidance over the years have been perfect and I have recommended him to various people. I have my pension and investments (plus Company investments), and my Mothers investments with him, and we are both very happy.

The staff at Eames Laurie I have dealt with have always been helpful and very friendly. 

M Sharpe, East Sussex

"Everything was explained very professionally."

A couple of years ago I was introduced to Eames Laurie whilst looking to reinvest my Stocks and Share ISAs. Their advisers were extremely helpful in directing me toward their ISA managed fund. Throughout the process everything was explained very professionally and at no time did I feel pressured in any way.

I can now monitor and manage my portfolio via their secure website. Would I recommend Eames Laurie ……. definitely without question.

Anon, Newbury

"My investments are looked after by caring and expert people"

Eames Laurie has looked after my financial matters for many years. I am more than happy with the advice and help I continue to receive.

The advice I receive is explained fully and I am able to contact Chris Fox whenever I have a problem. I feel very relaxed and contented to know that my investments are looked after by caring and expert people. I am extremely happy with the service I receive and have no hesitation in recommending Eames Laurie for all financial matters.

We are all living longer

That means that more of us are needing some form of care. Whether that’s in a care home, residential care or retirement village.

Spending time planning while you’re still able, gives you greater control over your later life. 

We can help you to put a plan in place that will help pay for your care, and protect your family from having to make tough decisions on your behalf.

Ways to protect your wealth in later life

The products and services promoted here are not part of the Openwork offering and are offered in our own right. Openwork Limited accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. These products are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


We manage the finances of over 450 satisfied clients around the UK


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Plan your later life while you're able.

Protect your family from making difficult decisions about your health. 

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