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Retirement & Pension Planning

Knowing your retirement options can be invaluable in today’s fast-moving world. 

Many people have no idea what they have saved for retirement or even a sense of what it means for their future. 

At Eames Laurie Financial Services we will help you understand your options and plan for retirement.

The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.


We will help you to understand what pension provisions you have and explain what it means for your future. 


We will work with you to plan what needs to be done to get you to where you want to be financially when you retire.


We will manage the right investments for you so you can achieve the retirement you want and deserve.


We will be with you on this journey for your lifetime and beyond. Retirement planning is a lifelong process.

"Great communication, really quick response time and a pleasure to deal with"

A huge thank you to the team at Eames Laurie for all their hard work sourcing me a great deal on my mortgage so quickly. My circumstances meant that it was a slightly rockier road than their regular customers, even still, they were there every step of the way with some great advice on how to navigate smoothly through these issues.

Great communication, really quick response time and a pleasure to deal with, above & beyond, 5 stars from me.

G Hargreaves, Artificer Sergeant Major, British Army (05/04/22)

"Everything was explained very professionally."

A couple of years ago I was introduced to Eames Laurie whilst looking to reinvest my Stocks and Share ISAs. Their advisers were extremely helpful in directing me toward their ISA managed fund. Throughout the process everything was explained very professionally and at no time did I feel pressured in any way.

I can now monitor and manage my portfolio via their secure website. Would I recommend Eames Laurie ……. definitely without question.

Anon, Newbury (13/05/22)

"Thorough, courteous and effective."

My wife and I have been using the services of Eames Laurie for over 18 months. 

During that time, the team, (particularly Klaudyna for mortgages and Lorna for pensions) have been very thorough, courteous and effective in their dealings. They have provided me with various options to consider for each product type with clear explanations to support their advice and recommendations.

I have already recommended the team at Eames Laurie to various family members, friends and work colleagues and will continue to do so.

R Malkani, Stanmore (05/05/22)

"Always helpful and very friendly"

I have a very good working relationship and now friendship with Jim, and have done since 2007. His advice and guidance over the years have been perfect and I have recommended him to various people. I have my pension and investments (plus Company investments), and my Mothers investments with him, and we are both very happy.

The staff at Eames Laurie I have dealt with have always been helpful and very friendly. 

M Sharpe, East Sussex (13/05/22)

"My investments are looked after by caring and expert people"

Eames Laurie has looked after my financial matters for many years. I am more than happy with the advice and help I continue to receive.

The advice I receive is explained fully and I am able to contact Chris Fox whenever I have a problem. I feel very relaxed and contented to know that my investments are looked after by caring and expert people. I am extremely happy with the service I receive and have no hesitation in recommending Eames Laurie for all financial matters.

We all know it’s important to plan for retirement

But many of us are not planning well, or early enough. Some aren’t planning for retirement at all. 

Your pension is one of the most important, long-term savings commitments you will make. Planning your pension sooner, rather than later will mean you’ll have a longer period to meet your financial goals and are more likely to be better off in your retirement.

Your Pension Annual Allowance for 2023/2024

The pension annual allowance is the maximum amount that can be contributed to your pension each year, while still receiving tax relief. The annual allowance for pension contributions in the 2023/2024 tax year is £60,000. However, there are limits to the level of tax relief you can receive. Tax relief will only be given on 100% of your earnings or £60,000, whichever is the lower. This will differ if the reduced Money Purchase Allowance applies, or if your adjusted income exceeds £260,000.

Defined Benefit Pension

A Defined Benefit Pension scheme (also called a 'final salary' pension) is a type of workplace pension where the amount you’re paid is based on how many years you’ve been part of the scheme and the salary you’ve earned when you leave or retire.

  • Your employer contributes to the pension and is responsible for ensuring there’s enough money in the pension pot.
  • They usually continue to pay a pension to your spouse, civil partner or dependants when you die.
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Defined Contribution Pension

A Defined Contribution pension is based on contributions set up by you, or through your employer. You or your employer pay money into the pension pot, typically each month. Defined contribution pensions offer a great deal of flexibility but you may not get out what you put in.

  • Your contributions are invested into funds that will hopefully grow over time.
  • At retirement, the amount of money you receive depends on the amount you paid in, how your money performed and any charges.
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Eames Laurie can help you to organise and manage several types of pensions.

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